The Work Place DC needs a home

TWDPC needs about 40,000 square feet of space in one building. To best serve our clients, the location should be accessible to mass transit, be reasonably convenient to employer partners, and offer sufficient parking for about 50 employees and volunteers

Benefits of Shared Space
The idea of The Work Place DC is to co-locate organizations together under one roof and gain increased efficiency and effectiveness. To co-locate current partners, about 40,000 square feet is needed. The space will be divided into dedicated space (used primarily by one partner agency) and shared space (space that all partners will have access to).

The Work Place DC will provide programs and services that address the many barriers that oftentimes prevent low-skilled DC residents from obtaining, retaining, and advancing in employment.

Benefits of co-location include:

  • Economies of Scale. Administrative functions (bookkeeping, maintenance, security, etc) can be combined saving each organization time and money while at the same time increasing efficiency.
  • Joint Fundraising: The Center as a whole would be able to apply for larger grants or hold events that would in effect “grow the pie” for all organizations located in the Center.
  • Centralized In-Take and Case Management. One organization would be responsible for in-take and case management, eliminating the need for each organization to offer ad hoc case management and counseling. Comprehensive case management will help clients deal with employment barriers and will create a work place of coordinated services for each client.
  • Evaluation. TWPDC will track outputs and outcomes as a center. The evaluation will be used to determine the Center’s overall impact as well as identify ways to improve program and service offerings.

Employers and Clients will also benefit greatly from shared space:

  • Clients: Centralized in-take and case management and program integration will provide each client with the best chance for employment success. In addition, by having programs and services in one location, the need for clients to travel to multiple locations to receive quality services will be eliminated or significantly reduced.
  • Employers: The goal of TWPDC is to produce job ready employee candidates for DC businesses. TWPDC will partner with employers to produce “graduates” that are truly “work ready.” In addition, comprehensive case management services will include a follow-up component where case managers will work with employees and employers to ensure job success. TWPDC will also be a resource to help employers meet their obligations under DC’s First Source legislation.


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