Together, TWPDC partners serve about 3,000 DC residents annually, with over 100 years of success providing services to DC residents. TWPDC partners will coordinate programs and services to help DC residents remove or manage barriers that prevent them from finding and keeping good jobs. Each year at least 1,000 TWPDC clients will be placed into employment. TWPDC will assist many others in improving a broad range of skills, readying them for employment.


STRIVE DC’s mission is to help at-risk, highly disadvantaged Washington, DC residents obtain living wage employment and become productive citizens through job-readiness training, educational advancement, and social service support. STRIVE DC is a workforce development organization established in 1999 to combat the high unemployment rates in Washington, DC’s inner-city neighborhoods.

STRIVE’s programs, which focus on paths to self-sufficiency and living wages employment, stand out because of comprehensive case management services and two years of follow-up support. Two programs are offered: the core job-readiness training program, STRIVE for Employment (SFE) and Career Gear Clothing Closet that provides professional attire for men going on job interviews. Since opening in 1999, over 1,780 District residents have graduated from our program; 63% have found employment, and over 67% of those placed have worked for at least two years.

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Byte Back

Byte Back bridges the digital divide that separates low-income people from opportunity by providing a wide range of information technology (IT) and job readiness training to over 1,000 low-income residents of the Washington DC Metropolitan Area each year. Byte Back provides basic computer and Internet training to over 800 people each year including seniors, people with disabilities, Spanish speakers and low literacy learners, who have little or no previous computer experience. This makes it possible for residents, who are newly computer literate, to apply for jobs online, register their children for school, participate in the political process and access the rich resources of the web. Byte Back also provides more advanced IT skills that lead to employment in IT and business services. Over 400 residents prepare for office jobs by taking Microsoft Office classes each year. These students also receive intensive job readiness training and assistance with job search. Finally, nearly 300 residents enroll in a combination of intermediate computer courses (such as QuickBooks, Web Design and Graphic Design) and industry-recognized IT certification training programs. These courses and the internships that accompany them prepare students for careers that pay salaries ranging from $30,000 to $85,000 annually. Byte Back’s primary goal is to train low-income residents for employment that pays a living wage.

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Jubilee Jobs

Jubilee Jobs was created in 1981 when residents of a low-income housing program founded a job-placement service to obtain marketplace jobs for which they were qualified. Since then, through professional and compassionate job-placement counseling, applicants have been placed in jobs and have become members of the Jubilee Jobs community for job retention, goal setting, and movement toward higher-paying jobs and sustained economic self-sufficiency. Our mission is to help the poor, disadvantaged, and unemployed obtain jobs and maintain long-term employment. That mission has never been more challenging or more needed than in the current economic climate. Since opening its doors, Jubilee Jobs has placed more than 23,000 people from all over the city into urgently needed jobs.

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Academy of Hope

Since 1985, Academy of Hope has created lasting impact in our community by offering tailored educational services for adults who, due to low-literacy and insufficient basic skills, are not able to find or retain living-wage employment and are trapped in a cycle of poverty. Academy of Hope was founded on the belief that education can empower and transform the lives of adults in the DC who are marginalized in society by poverty and lack of education. Since 1985, Academy of Hope has helped over 500 low-income adults obtain a high school credential and more than 5,000 improve their academic skills, advance to post-secondary education and secure gainful employment. The knowledge and skills adults gain yield long-term improvements for their life circumstances and family well being. The most recent graduate survey showed that less than 10% earned $30K+ before enrollment at the Academy vs. nearly 50% post-graduation. Academy of Hope’s goal is to help adults achieve improved skills and/or credentials that elevate their competitiveness in the job market and serve as stepping stones toward higher education and/or career training.

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Free Minds Book Club & Writing Workshop

(Free Minds) was created to address the needs of a critically underserved segment of youth, juveniles in the adult criminal justice system. Since 2002 Free Minds has served over 650 young men, employing a unique program model of a book club, creative writing workshops, job readiness training, violence prevention outreach and positive peer support to empower young inmates, whom most of society believes are destined to become repeat offenders, to turn away from violence and towards education and employment. By mentoring and connecting them to supportive services throughout their incarceration into reentry, Free Minds inspires these youth to awaken to their own potential and achieve new educational and career goals. Free Minds is the only organization in DC that works with these youth from the time of arrest into reentry. 82% of Free Minds members enter vocational training programs, become employed, or pursue further education. Free Minds maintains a recidivism rate of only 26% compared with 90% nationally for youth charged as adults.

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DC Jobs Council

Founded in 1999, the DC Jobs Council is a coalition of nearly 50 workforce development service providers seeking to strengthen the workforce system in the District of Columbia so that it meets the needs of all residents, with a focus on those facing the highest barriers to employment or re-employment. The DC Jobs Council accomplishes this by advocating for an effective and efficient workforce system, building the capacity of work force development service providers, and ensuring alignment between employer needs and workforce preparation. The Jobs Council’s vision is a District of Columbia where every resident has the job training and education necessary to succeed in jobs that pay wages that lead to economic stability and that meet the skill needs of local employers.

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Collective impact

Every 12-months, we estimate that TWPDC partners will collectively serve at least 4,000 DC residents. During the past 12-months, partners achieved the following:

  • TWPDC Partner Totals for Past 12-Months
    • Total Served:  4,318
    • Number Obtaining Employment:  1,198
    • Number Advancing one or more educational levels:  209
    • Number Obtaining GED or high school diploma: 141
    • Number Registering to Vote:  71
    • Number Completing basic computer training:  823
    • Number completing advanced computer training:  618
    • Refurbished computers (made available to low-income households):  400
    • Number provided professional clothing for interviews and employment:  200

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