TWPDC Partner Success Story: Jubilee Jobs

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TWPDC Partner Success Story: Jubilee Jobs

Working Together to Make DC Work

Rhonda H., a 36-year old Ward 6 resident, came to Jubilee Jobs initially in December 2007. She was hired by a local museum. Rhonda decided to go to school and earn her degree and spent the next few years pursuing that dream. She returned to us in 2013 and was hired at a local restaurant earning $9 per hour. Rhonda enrolled in our Move-Up program and it wasn’t long before she found a job in her field. She currently works for a local medical center and earns $25 per hour. We invited Rhonda to share her journey with an attentive audience at our annual benefit event on May 14, 2013, and this is what she shared . . .

Life is a Fascinating Journey

By Rhonda H., Jubilee Jobs Applicant

When I woke up this morning, I had many things to be grateful for-Good health, a loving family and a wonderful new job. As I look back several years into my life, I realize the struggles I have gone through have actually made me a better person, a stronger person and a person who is well equipped to be an asset to any organization.

I haven’t always felt this confident. There have been times in my life when I’ve doubted myself and my ability to achieve success. There have been times in my life when I’ve needed help, support and encouragement like in 2007 when I arrived at the doorstep of Jubilee Jobs. Being at Jubilee gave me the exact push that I needed to get back into the world and work on my goals.

The staff at Jubilee provided me with the tools that I needed to persevere through my struggles, take control of my life and not to lose hope. I decided early on in my journey not to ever give up on myself regardless of how things turned out or where I ended up in my life. Most importantly, God has been with me through every step of the way. My parents and my grandmother taught me to love Him and to trust His hand in my life and that’s what I do.

Because of all the support that I received while working to accomplish my goals, in 2009, I completed my master’s degree in public administration and I became a recognized leader in my community. As an ANC Commissioner, I am elected to represent the residents in Southwest, Washington, D.C. where I currently reside. I work hard to build up my community and to provide my constituents with resources and supportive services.

As I stated earlier-Life is a fascinating journey. It’s a gift. And it has a lot to do with the impact that we have on each other lives. The amazing people or angles who I have met throughout my life have helped to make my journey the best that it can be. Life would not be as meaningful without them. And they have helped pull me through some rough times and hard circumstances.

I endured some of these difficult times prior to my return to Jubilee Jobs this year. I was welcomed with open arms and caring hearts. I became more motivated with every session and event that I attended. Three weeks ago, I landed a job in my field. This week I was told by one of my supervisors that I’m doing an excellent job. I contribute my success to Jubilee Jobs- the incredible staff at this fine organization, and to all those amazing individuals who continued to encourage and pray for me and to a loving God who hasn’t ever given up on me.

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